2014Christmas Project Kick-Off

The 2014 Christmas Project is here!
Feel free to browse through the photos to get a better idea of what this year's project is about.

If wanting to donate, just click on anyone of the photos, and your'll be re-directed toward our donation page.

Have a great Thanksgiving break!

Regal Sheep Films

Regal Sheep Films is a small video production group consisting of 6 highschoolers with a passion for digital media. Since 2012, the group has been creating inspirational videos for themselves and for Morrison Academy. Their YouTube channel has received 30+ subscribers and one of their videos have broken the 1000 view milestone.

Every Friday at lunchtime, the club holds a meeting to discuss plans for future videos. Though the group has 6 members, it is open to those who share the same excitement towards video-making.



In Biology, Mr. Minnich teaches us using quirky analogies.

We are learning about DNA, chromosomes, etc.. 

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