Double Ten Day

on Wednesday, October 01 2014 13:24.


Double Ten

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Double Ten: Then and Now

on Wednesday, October 01 2014 08:30.

10 10's History

on Tuesday, September 30 2014 17:25.

Over a hundred years ago, the Wuchang uprising of 1911 did its dirty work, upsetting the Chinese government, and overthrowing the Qing dynasty, and eventually causing the advent of the Republic of China, or R.O.C. Later, caused by the Chinese civil war, the R.OC. would be relocated to Taiwan, starting up the bare roots for the country we all reside in today. But why did all this start anyways? Why formulate an uprising? We are glad you came here, because those are just the questions that will be answered.

So first, some background information. Back in the really early nineteen hundreds (we are talking 1901 here), an empress by the name of Cixi came to power. Due to some issues and past events, Cixi became very easily influenced by western culture. She ordered a total overhaul of official offices, political reform, and implemented a westernized system of law. She also completely reformed education systems, and took massive steps towards establishing modern school systems. Hard as she tried, and as much as she tried to change things, she was too late to save the dynasty. She died soon after her attempted reforms, and left the dynasty to die, defenseless. With only a newborn and his inexperienced father to rule, they were totally exposed; it was the perfect time to strike. The Chinese Government became frazzled, and broke up into a bunch of leaders in small areas. Meanwhile, some groups began to stir, with thoughts of reviving China as a republic. The two threats, of eminent republicanism and provincialism pressed hard on the leaders of china, all they needed was that final blow to tip it all over.

And that final blow came from the republic crazed revolutionaries. The Wuchang uprising was not actually their first try, however,  the other ones did not have enough support from everyday citizens. So it was the only when the Chinese had a good cause to rally to that they were able to overthrow anyone. This catalyst, a cause, was, curiously, railroads. The government decided to nationalized a private railroad in order to fund the Boxer Protocol, and this made some private businessmen very upset. The crippled nation, along with a rebellion with just enough force to overload the Chinese systems caused a total breakdown of china as they knew it. One rebellion sparked hundreds of others, setting off a chain reaction of revolts and protests all around, effectively destroying the old government. And out of the ashes rose the Republic of China, led by Sun Yixian, and though they hadn’t completely banished the old Qing dynasty, it was good enough to last, and eventually morph into Taiwan, through various political disputes and goings-on.

Rest assured knowing now why you are resting in Taiwan, or as it is officially known as, the R.O.C. Though this might not be the end of the R.O.C.’s butterfly years. Who knows? Perhaps Taiwan will move to the moon? Perhaps you, yes you, could start a whole new rebellion, and change everything yet again. But for now, farewell, and have a good break.