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High School || 高中 - Morrison Academy High School 馬禮遜美國學校 - Missionary School, MK School, International Christian School, International American School

Boracay Updates 2014

Day 6

Another day, another change in plans.  Our motto: We ARE flexible!
We arrived at the school this morning and started filling sacks with sand, filling sacks with gravel, and generally getting ready to mix and pour concrete.  The goal: finish the floor of the first floor classroom, then an early afternoon feeding the the upper Ati village, followed by sports and children's ministry on the beach on Boracay.
The first part went as planned, we got the sand and gravel measured, and the mixer started up (earlier in the week, we were mixing by hand, because the mixer was being fixed, but it was working today).  We set up a buck brigade, and boy did we move concrete!  As fast as they could mix it, we put it into buckets and passed them down the line, until they were dumped on the new floor.  One of the local workers then smoothed it out, while the empty bucket was passed back down another line, to be refilled and start over again.  Periodically, we would rotate positions, so no one got overly tired.  It was a thing of beauty to see the team at work.  We got about half the floor poured, and it was time to break for lunch.
As we took our lunch break, the rain started, just a little.  Then a lot.  Then a downpour, the kind you only get in the tropics.  Buckets, in minutes.  Some of the local kids had been hanging around and playing with team members, so, when the rain got heavy, they joined us in the class room we use as a break room.  Different team members entertained them with balloons and bubbles, and some leftovers from lunch. 
As time passed, the rain didn't let up, so the engineer heading up construction decided we weren't going to be able to pour more concrete.  And we found out the feedings were cancelled, due to rain.  So we made the call to come back to Boracay, in hopes we could do the sports ministry. 
Unfortunately, the rain kept coming, so we all got cleaned up, and the kids headed out to various adventures, mostly related to food and shopping.  They came back before dinner and practiced some skits for the Beach Reach on Thursday, then we had dinner.  After Team Time, they practiced again - they are getting very creative!  
Now we are all settling in for a early evening, as we are starting early tomorrow to make up the lost time today.  
The most amazing part of today is how great these teenagers have been when faced with changes and challenges.  Not a grumpy face or whiny voice, not even a complaint.  Just an attitude of "okay, we aren't doing it the way we planned, let's figure out how to do it the new way instead".  It feels a little like a repeat, but this team is great!
Prayer Requests:
  • the rain holds off until we finish the floor of the classroom - it is much better to do the whole floor in as short a time as possible, so it cures properly
  • good health for the whole team - we still have a couple of people feeling under the weather (pun intended)
  • the Beach Reach goes well
  • the team keeps up the energy and good attitude they have been displaying all week
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

Malaybalay Updates 2014

Day 5 & 6

Greetings to all,
This is Steve updating y’all from Malaybalay.
We left off the last update on Day 4 which was Sunday. So I’ll report some highlights from Monday to Tuesday (Day 5-Day 6).
Day 5
The big highlight of Monday was the soccer camp. The whole team woke up early around 6:30 am to get ready (breakfast and set up) for the soccer camp. The camp was split into crafts, bible teachings, and soccer. After the first two rotations, we prepared lunch for the kids. We served the kids fish heads, performed the “knocking” skit. It was amazing to see how many kids raising their hands to accept Christ. After that, the team enjoyed some BBQ for lunch that Ate Grace prepared for us for lunch. After lunch, we finished the last rotation and served the kids another meal/snack (Many of the kids at camp often times do not eat another meal after the meal that they are served at camp). Our day was capped off with an amazing dinner with Ate Grace. She prepared for us her signature pork ribs and dumpling soup. She also shared her testimony and how Mt. Moriah Camp came to be. In addition, she talked about God’s faithfulness to Mt. Moriah camp and about God’s faithfulness to the camp. We needed off with prayer (and worship) which we prayed that every member of our team would have an experience with God during the trip.
Day 6
Tuesday was the second day of camp. Once again, the team woke up early to prep for camp and start welcoming kids to play soccer. Camp went smoothly and during lunch we performed the mask skit which was received by the kids as Mrs. Gibson described “the loudest applause I’ve heard in my 8 times that I’ve been here”. In between the third rotation and snack time, we had a nice God moment. Juniors Paul and Andy were surrounded by about 10 little boys and they shared the gospel bracelet. As more and more kids came, it was amazing to see that the kids that Paul and Andy shared to, turned around and shared the gospel bracelet almost word by word to the other kids that arrived. (There’s video!) In addition, Junior Sophia was also sharing the gospel bracelet with a group of girls where she prayed for the kids growth in Christ. After camp was over, we ended off the day with group blind dates in a trip to town. Groups went to town to go shopping and find something to eat. After the group outing to town, we had our daily team time in which Mrs. Gibson shared about how God has a plan for all of us and sometimes when we aren’t able to do things God will have someone else for us to do it.
Our first two days of camp were great and we’ve had some minor health issues so that would be something great to pray for along with great attitude and sustainable energy for our soccer camps.
Today we will be having a small tournament for the kids so they can play soccer against each other and in the afternoon we will be playing a friendly with a local university so also pray for the safety of our team members.  The third day of camp is typically the most difficult in terms of energy and attitude, so keep us lifted up.  
God bless,

Jin Lun Updates 2014

Day 6

Greetings from Taimali, Taidong!
Today we start off the day with delicious Dan-bin and red tea for breakfast then headed off to Da Wang Elementary School to paint the rest of the wall.  Praise God for another beautiful day without the sun beating on our back! We were able to finish 80% of the wall! We will be going back on Thursday for some finishing touch.
After lunch we headed to Joyce Lu’s mom’s ministry with the elderly and orphanage in Taidong. God really is doing great things with the ministry there! Some of the students played songs for the elderly, performed skits and Abraham gave his testimony. Mr. Wong then shared the gospel with the elderly to accept Christ.  Students then spent time interacting with the grandmas and grandpas there.  Later, we drove to the orphanage to visit the toddlers.  The students had the opportunity to “experience” being a parent for a few minutes as they held the toddlers and fed them.  One of our students was handing a toddler to another one of our student and the student’s response was, “How do I hold this thing?”  We ended the visitation with Joyce’s parents treating us to a dinner of KFC chicken, pizza and fruits! They ordered so many boxes of pizza that we had five boxes of uneaten pizza!
After dinner we headed back to Taimali to Da Wang Church to help with their high school homework ministry.  Winnie then led the students in some games, then students performed their skits and both Lucia and Abraham gave their testimonies.  The students there mentioned they have seen the skit before. However, every time they watch the skit they are moved by it.
Please continue to pray for our safety and health throughout the rest of the trip.  Please pray that we would be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
Thank you very much for partnering with us through prayer! It really means a lot to us!
 In Christ’s love,
    Jin Lun Mission Team

Day 5

Today we started painting one side of the wall surrounding Da Wang Elementary School. Praise God that the weather was perfect today and that we were able to work efficiently. We painted for a total of three hours this morning and will have three more hours tomorrow. The juniors' design for the wall is based on the creation story from Genesis. It's quite amazing that this public school is allowing a Biblical design to be painted on their wall. Pray that God will use this wall to attract the kids to know more about Him.
After lunch, we spent time with some first and second graders in the church while they did their homework. Kevin and Serina shared their testimonies with the kids. The team was feeling quite tired after that and thankfully we had a chance to rest for a bit before planning out the next two days' activities.
For dinner, the Wongs treated us to dinner at a nice Taiwanese restaurant in the mountains overlooking the ocean. We are very thankful to have been blessed with their presence and generosity over the last three days. Please pray for safety for their trip back to Taipei tomorrow with Jamie.
As for the rest of the team, please pray that we would all draw on God's strength and rely on His Spirit for energy. Pray that we would be faithful in finishing the task He has entrusted to us for this time. Lastly, give thanks that His hand has been visibly at work around and within us throughout the duration of this trip.
In Christ,
Rachel and Dave

Day 4

Today marked the second day of our mini camp in Jin Lun and boy was God’s hand evident all throughout the events that occurred today.
We started out the day with an outdoor church service in the same courtyard that we had used yesterday. We sang a few worship songs, Karen gave an amazing testimony, and Mr. Wong shared a few stories that really captivated the kids. It has been pretty challenging for these kids to really focus on what is going on, but they were listening extremely well the whole time Mr. Wong was sharing. Afterward, we took communion, and Mr. Wong asked those who weren’t baptized yet if they wanted to have an opportunity to be baptized. Praise the Lord, several of the kids raised their hands. These kids were later led aside by Mr. Wong and he made sure that they understand the significance of the decision they were making. There were two kids especially who had to seriously think about whether they would be able to say no to the idols that their parents were worshipping, but when they gave Mr. Wong their answer, it was a firm “yes”. The baptism was a beautiful sight to watch and many of the team members later remarked that it was one of the highlights of their day.
After the baptism, we walked with the kids to their families and sat and chatted with them. It was then that we discovered the extent to which many of these kids’ families were broken- there were alcoholics, deceased family members, abusive parents…it was truly a heart-breaking sight and something that touched a lot of us, as we were able to see the conditions that these kids came from and it explained some of the earlier behavior we had seen throughout the camp. It was amazing, though, that despite the broken families of most of the kids, they were still able to display so much joy throughout the camp that we held. Some of the team members even had the opportunity to share the gospel with the families that they visited.
We spent the late afternoon and night spending time at the beach and preparing for our wall painting that we’ll be painting for the Da Wang elementary school tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll also be running an after school church program.
Please continue to pray for the kids who were baptized today- Sam, Yo Yo, Tommy, and Hunter- that God would continue to work through them and reveal Himself to their family members. Please also pray for the health of our team members Serina, Dave, and Kevin Chen who haven’t been feeling their best, but praise God as they feel a lot better compared to earlier today already. Please keep the aboriginal kids of Jin Lun in your prayers as well- they have left such an impact on so many of us in the two short days that we had with them.  
For the team,

Day 3

Today was our first day in Jin Lun leading a mini camp for local Aboriginal kids there. 
On our 20-minute drive along the coast, we saw the beauty of God's creation: the steep green mountains right against the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We met Tony and Esther Wong when we got there and several kids were there waiting for us. The juniors did a very good job leading the camp as we played games, read books, did paper crafts, etc. with the kids. Serina showed her strength as a leader during the music session (with hand motions). Ryan and Winnie were also given the opportunity to share their testimonies in front of all the kids. Abraham and Alicia told the story of Noah's ark as the rest of the team acted out various parts in a simple skit. Our juniors also were able to perform the dramas that they learned before the trip (one about adjusting our lives to God's will, one about various temptations and Jesus who is always knocking at our door, and another about Jesus taking our sins upon Himself).
Praise God that He gave us flexibility since we had no idea what the setting would be (it turned out to be in someone's front courtyard, with a worn-down concrete floor). We were also thankful that God gave us energy to lead the camp today. Many of us were feeling tired yesterday. 
After the camp, we spent about an hour sharing Gospel bracelets at a local basketball tournament. It was organized by several churches in the area, so many of those whom we shared the Gospel bracelets with were believers. We prayed with them with the hope of encouraging them in their faith. It was also fun to see people's reactions to Mr. Manu dunking in a pickup basketball game. 
We are glad to have the Wongs with us until next Wednesday. Please pray for healing for Kevin and Serina, who are still feeling somewhat sick. Also pray for the kids we are ministering to in Jin Lun. We heard that nine out of ten of them come from broken families, and we only have one more day to share God's love with them while we're on this trip. Ask God to make their hearts receptive to the forgiveness and peace that He offers them, and empower our team to present that effectively tomorrow. 
- Dave and Rachel 

Day 2

Greetings from Taitung! Today is our second day in this city with the sun shining brightly upon us! Today was a day packed of interesting events! In the morning we had a music performance exchange opportunity with Da Wang Elementary School where their students played recorder, ukelele and ocarina and our students played guitars and led songs with motions. After a short break, we swept and picked up trash around the school with the sun beating against our back. We then had a time of prayer walk where everyone had the opportunities to speak to some of the local people, pass out the gospel bracelet and a group even got invited into a locals’ house! Students spent most of the afternoon preparing for activities they will be doing in Jin Lun with the children there on Saturday. And, how we always say you can’t really “plan” for mission’s trip is that we ended up going to a concert in the evening (Yes, you heard it right, a “CONCERT”). We went with the church here in TaiMaLi to a  Christian concert called “We Love” (愛在四月天) which is formed by all Christian celebrities in Taiwan.  It’s even the first Taiwanese concert for many of our students.  
We will be going to Jin Lun later today since it is now past midnight… and it’s going to be more of an open schedule for us. Please continue to pray for unity, a clear mind of what to do and wisdom when we have the chance to share the gospel to the people here. Thank you very much for you prayers they mean a lot to us!
Tsai Lao Shi for the team 

Day 1

We all arrived safely from our 6 hour drive.
Taiwan is a great place, yes we did have our tea's :)
Please pray for Kevin Chen, he is not feeling well.  We did see the doctor, he has medicine and is resting right now. He will have to take it day by day.
We walked around Da Wong Elementary school and downtown Tai Mali.
The students are resting and preparing for tomorrow.
Please pray for us to prepare well and to be united in our service. We are in a good place.
Mr. Manu for the Team

Okinawa Updates 2014

Day 5 & 6

Watashiwa Okinawa gaski des (I love Okinawa),
Sorry we didn't send an update last night. We didn't have wifi in Nago. Yesterday was our team day. The team had a wonderful time at the Okinawa Battlefield Peace Park and the American Village. Then we drove to Nago and hiked up a mountain with Pastor Keishi. We watched the sunset over Nago and prayed over the city with a man that we met at the top. Then we had dinner at A&W before hitting the sack. The next day we got up and enjoyed McDonald's breakfast. Then we walked back to the church via the beach where we picked up trash. We spent the rest of the morning weeding the garden plots beside Nago Bible Church. The juniors all worked very hard and we finished quickly leaving the church looking much more inviting than when we arrived and blessing Pator Keishi and his wife Ryoko. After lunch we rested for half an hour and prepared for a kids ministry at 3:30. To our dissappointment only one kid, Leo, showed up but the juniors jumped in and played Red Light, Green Light with him. Before he left Natasha shared a Gospel braclet with him and he prayed with Mr. Saito to ask Jesus to be his friend. The team was all packed up and ready to go when we saw a group of middle school boys hanging out at the park behind Nago Bible Church. Kenji went over to ask them if they wanted to watch a skit and they said yes so we were able to perform the Knocking skit for them and give them an explanation before we caught the bus back to OCC.
The juniors are doing great they are working hard without complaining and they are growing closer as a team everyday. Thanks for all your prayers. 
Mark and Mary.