Varsity Soccer Action

on Thursday, October 16 2014 16:44.

Philippines Trip Day 5

on Friday, October 10 2014 06:12.

Dearest Parents, Teachers, and Friends of the Morrison Swim Team
Today the team once again split for jobs concerning tutoring, swim lessons, and construction. Tutoring mainly focused on pronouns and basic reading, while construction helped finish the second floor of one of the houses being built.
Swimmers traveled to Faith academy for a joint practice and got to work with the Faith Swim team and taught them several things. The team also had to say their goodbyes to those at the children's home, since it was the last devotions night. 
Please pray for Miss Neff and Abbi as they both are suffering from sore throats and Abbi who unfortunately has come down with a fever. The Swimmers will be arising early tomorrow to lead a chapel and then continue with their jobs.
Thank you for praying for us!! Myles is feeling much better and may even be ready to help us perform in skits tomorrow morning. 

Philippines Trip Day 4

on Thursday, October 09 2014 07:20.

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends of the Morrison Swim Team!
Day 4 of the trip continued construction projects, tutoring, and swimming lessons from the day before. Others prepared for a feeding (which they couldn't participate in unfortunately) and visited the nursery.
The swimmers set off for Brent in the afternoon while non-swimmers stayed to teach more swimming. Though there was traffic and several delays, the swim team had a fun joint practice with the Brent Swim Team.
The Swim Team made it back to the Children's Home in time for devotions, and several World Race girls shared their testimonies during debrief time.
Please continue to pray for Myles and Miss Neff with their illnesses, as well as several swimmers who had to work at construction for four hours straight.
Thank you for your support and prayers!