Future StuCo

Written by Annie L. on Wednesday, May 21 2014 11:20.

"With great power comes great responsibility" is not a phrase the 2015 StuCo officers take lightly. Not only do the officers look forward to promoting high school unity and spirit, they are excited to present the student body with events that are nothing short of enjoyable.
A long-time Morrisonian, Steve looks forward to working with and representing the high school community as a genuine and honest leader seeking to set the bar even higher for the Morrison High School experience. He enjoys photography, soccer, basketball, reading, and 蜂蜜香柚 (honey pomelo tea), among other things.
Ryan brings forth a particularly unique set of skills to the STUCO table. Due to his extensive involvement with videos, Ryan will be placing particular emphasis video publicity. Hype for STUCO parties, HS Banquet, and other major HS events will, he confirmed, be heightened, along with class unity among the student body - especially the class officers. Apart from video production, Ryan also finds amusement in unsweetened green tea and reading.
With the promise of more parties and more fun, Josephine is excited to be given the opportunity to work with the other STUCO members and to watch her ideas become reality. Her current pastimes include studying, listening to music, shopping online, watching TV shows, grabbing a George Peck lemon bing sha or a Kung Fu fay tsuay lemon (she likes the crushed ice), and hanging out with her friends.
Planning the JSB was an especially fulfilling experience for Abraham, who is eager to be part of a committee that will not only plan the HS Banquet, but be given numerous opportunities to improve various school hosted events. He hopes that STUCO will be able to make next year an awesome year for all the students.


Written by Annie L. on Wednesday, May 21 2014 11:25.

The flashing medals, the hefty trophies, the golden plaques, the victorious banners, the cheering, the weeks of incredibly hard work – on the surface, sports tournaments seem almost indistinguishable from each other. Since the earliest stages of tournaments, Morrison has been one of the most faithful competitors; witnessing endless sets of playoffs, watching endless sets of games, handing off endless medals and banners. Yet for almost three years, there has been a search among the athletic community for a brand new, unique conference – a conference that would, in the long run, offer something a little more than solid competition and gleaming trophy.